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In the "in" and in the "off"

Francois Epin Art & Design starts the firsts exhibitions during Collectible Fair in march 2020.

In the main section, booth 3_6,

Vanderborght building

Schildknaapstraat 50 rue de l’Ecuyer

1000 Brussels

will show "I am Mexican, what's your super power?"

A selection of mexican and non mexican artists celebrating a modern, sustainable and refreshing spirit of Mexico including works by Fernando Laposse, Jorge Yazpik, Uxiii, Adrian Cruz, Bina Baitel, Abel Carcamo, Victor Levai, Femke van Gemert among others.

In the "off" of the fair, Francois Epin Art & Design presents :

The Flint by Pol Quadens


Mobiles by Victor Cord’homme

Cocktail : Thursday 5th march from 18h

Exhibition : 6th -12th  march 11h - 18h

Edge design sprl

155 Avenue Emile Vandervelde

B-1200 Brussels

Flint by Pol Quadens. As the first tool of the man is taken again here, magnified in his mirror polished stainless steel, enlarged, passing from a few centimeters to 6 meters high like a homage to the time where the art, the market, the narcissism did not exist no, the man was cutting stones to shape blades, arrowheads, tools for his life, his survival and that of his community.

Victor Cord'homme never stops exploring the world and the worlds within their multiplicity: those of mediums and materials, those of supports and formats, those of tools and techniques, those of movement and rhythm.  He deploys an assembly process whereby he creates combinations and installations in which he plays with space, then utilises and implements into motion the dimension of such interactivity. Thus, in the world of Victor Cord'homme, the viewer strolls and explores discovers floating landscapes, dives and immerses in totality in sensitive and random structures.  So many forms and proposals inspired by the natural and the organic, the urban and the mechanical.

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